At White Lotus Retreat Center we have the pleasure of having two labyrinths created in a workshop led by labyrinth expert, Dan Raven.

Click here for images of the Construction of the Labyrinth

Dan Raven has constructed labyrinths at St. Scholastica School in Chicago, at Camp Newago in Grand Rapids, at North Eastern Illinois University, and in fifty other locations in 10 states.  The former Chicago public school teacher Raven is so passionate about labyrinths, he has made three trips to the labyrinth at the great Cathedral of Chartres in France, has studied with famous labyrinth authority, Dr. Lauren Artress, author of “Walking a Sacred Path,” and serves as Midwest regional representative for the Labyrinth Society

 “Labyrinths are a powerful, ancient spiritual symbol within many religions and societies—from the Mediterranean, to Northern European, Asian, and Native American cultures.  The 12th century medieval labyrinth located in the Cathedral at Chartres in France is perhaps the most famous, however, a classical labyrinth 4000 years old was found in the Greek Islands,” says Raven. “At White Lotus Center, we’ll build medieval and classical labyrinths out of sand and stone,” Raven continues,  “In these uncertain times, people are turning to labyrinths as a tool for spiritual transformation and unity—people of every race, color, and creed are fascinated by labyrinths.”   

Carol Jungman, managing partner of White Lotus Retreat Center comments, “We felt that labyrinths would add to the peaceful, beautiful environment we’ve fostered on our property. There’s so much interest in spiritual gardens that we wanted to give our guests a special place to walk and connect with nature.”   David Fireman, who is the Executive Director of the Center for Grief Recovery and Creativity in Chicago, adds, “As a therapist, I know that labyrinths have a special significance as a tool for healing: They help people solve problems and feel more balanced. You walk in and you walk out and in the process you get to slow down and reflect.”
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