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Lotus Leadership Training and Consulting is a network of seasoned facilitators, trainers and consultants who will assist with your organization’s leadership development into the future. We are professionals who have been working in and with a multiplicity of organizations and industries. All of our consultants have a minimum of a decade of experience.

We Begin with Data Gathering
Every consultation begins with a needs assessment process by which we are able to develop an accurate picture of your unique culture. We work in partnership with you to develop a solution to fit your particular situation. Depending upon your organization’s resources, we will tailor programs to the length and depth you desire.

Systems Approach
Lotus Leadership works with teams, departments, project groups, and cross-functional units on every level of an organization. We always consider the entire system when designing and intervening in an organization. Interventions can be aimed at the individual level, interpersonal level or at the organization level, and often affect all three.

Individual Level

  • Self-awareness instruments, such as personality typologies
  • Communication effectiveness training
  • Experiential exercises aimed at understanding one’s style
  • Individual coaching and support

Interpersonal Level

  • Team building exercises
  • Multiculturalism and diversity
  • Social capital and its importance
  • Interpersonal relationship-building
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Organization Level

  • Systems thinking and practice
  • Organization culture awareness through storytelling and mythmaking
  • Understanding your organization’s culture relative to the United States and world contexts

Social Capital and Relational Leadership
Lotus Leadership Consultants are experts in group dynamics and relational leadership. In this new millennium, social capital is the strong fiber in the growth of your organization, one that will outlast the ups and downs of the economy and the fluctuations of environmental and management changes. Technology is intellectual capital; employees are human capital; their relationships with each other and between teams are social capital. As a leader in your organization, social capital is the bulk of what you manage. Having the tools to understand the social capital in your organization is what we provide.

Contact Us
We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you further about your current situation and how we can be of service. Whether it be helping a team to better understand its own dynamics, solving a conflict with staff members, facilitating a strategic planning session, or consulting with you on an organization-wide change, we have many consultants whose specific skills will be matched with your requirements.

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