Welcome to White Lotus Retreating News
by David Fireman

The purpose of our monthly column is to provide you with information about retreats and retreating. Cultures throughout the world and since time immemorial have been creating special or sacred places for the retreat experience. For us, White Lotus Retreat Center is such a place, and we are confident you will find it so as well. In these columns (a new one will appear the first week of every month), we will be exploring many ideas and practices related to the subject of doing retreat as a necessary part of creating increased balance and skillful means in daily life.

Also, we will examine how we as "modern" people can incorporate useful strategies for retreating and working on our own well-being in order that we may increase compassion for self and others.

We will be sharing our own thoughts about these subjects, quoting many experts, and would also like to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail us with your thoughts, stories, and experiences!



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